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Stella Krasinski

My Story

My name is Stella. I was born and raised in Tanzania in East Africa by the most beautiful, caring, and awesome parents. I am the firstborn of seven amazing and loving siblings. I am delighted to be named “Stella” as it means morning star. My name suits my character as I shine light on everyone who needs uplifting, giving encouragement and warm love. I am very blessed to be able to share that. I am married to a wonderful, loving and supportive husband. I also have two children whom I love very much. The vision of this business came from God and all the plans are established by Him. Proverbs 16:3

The word INUKA derived from Swahili word which means ARISE. It is my motherly first language from Tanzania. You will see this on the labels, and the borderline is an African fabric picture.

Light Out of Darkness

With the outbreak of Covid-19, The year 2020 was a challenging year for a lot of people around the world. There was much fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, worry, isolation from families, sickness and many deaths, brought confusion and mostly health issues. It was around this time that I began to think more about keeping my family healthy. In March of that year, 2020, I started making juices to boost the immunity of myself and my family. After a couple of months of juicing, then the vision came about and I thought if these juices were beneficial to the well-being of my family, why not share this with others. So, then I started to give away some of these drinks to my friends. The feedback I received was amazing! The first response I got from others was that the drink gave them energy. Also, people reported being able to sleep better, as well as alleviating the pain associated with arthritis, and relieving constipation.
Carrot juice

Amazing Grace

God is my Rock and Everything my life depends on! Psalm 18:2. After hearing the incredible results from family and friends, finally, in December 2020, I started to sell this healthy juice. Through word-of-mouth, these friends let their friends know about the drink and how they benefited from it. Now, I am making the juices available to everybody. The first juice I made was the Arise Green and I added two more which are Arise Red and Arise Gold. These juices have NO added sugar or sweetener, NO artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. I had to put into consideration people with diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure situations for them to enjoy the juices as well. I named the juices “Arise” because our good God has given and created us with a beautiful precious physical body in order to love and take care of it. When we do that we shall ARISE!

  • A -Ability to fight off
  • R -Rest (better sleep)
  • I -Immunity
  • S -Strength
  • E -Energize
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